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This Week in 4th Grade 


 Welcome to Mrs. Lester's 4th Grade Cyclones


Planning: 11:30-12:00 Daily


Remind App--Keeps you informed! Join free using your cell phone.  Directions were sent home in the big package of information at the beginning of school.


Resource Schedule:







Reading Subjects for Sept. 18-22

 Mid-Six Weeks Reports go home this week!



 Fact/Opinion 4.6H


MAPs Reading testing will be Monday at 8:30.




Spelling Words:  for Daedalus and Icarus

1. highway

2. flashlight

3. basketball

4. anyone

5. headline

6. sometimes

7. shellfish

8. doorbell

9. eyesight

10. handlebar

11 worldwide

12. outline

13. footprint

14. waterfall

15. brainstorm

16. nowhere

17. whenever

18. sunscreen

19. homework

20. coastline

21. Bonus--motorcycle


Spelling Tests are on Fridays.

Your child is required to complete 3 activities: 

1. Puzzle weekly

2. Activity of your choice

3. Activity of your choice










Spelling Assignments: Due on each Friday

1. Puzzle

2. Assignment of your choice

3. Assignment of your choice